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This is a truly exciting time to step on board Arkimera Robotics. Today, our microservice AzoraOne is the backbone of the latest generation of automation services at Swedish accounting software companies such as Björn Lundén, Hogia Open Business, Briljant and more. Currently 8.000 SMEs and accounting firms leverage the self-learning technology of AzoraOne embedded in their accounting software, and many more get started every day. In the fall of 2022, we will take our largest step forward (so far) as AzoraOne will be provided to 6.000 new customers on four new geographical markets - finally realizing the value of a technical "global first" focus when designing the API. Although surpassing customer count and solution sophistication of heavily venture backed companies overseas as well as in Europe, this has been accomplished by a small team of four *humble brag*.

When it comes to recruitment, education and experience certainly are metrics we consider, but they are not the only ones. Even more important is that you have passion for work, are willing (and excited!) to learn and that our organisation’s mission and values align with yours - we love to work with people with a desire to roll up their sleeves to create and implement positive change. We regard kindness, honesty and strong work ethics as essential qualities – we expect to work with people who bring a positive environment to our team, our customers and our partners.

If you feel that the lines above talk to you, we would love to hear from you. Just send an email to our CEO Kenny Håkansson at and we will take it from there. We are still a small team - this means that you, as our next recruit, will have great opportunities to take a leading role in an up-and-coming startup. We will encourage you to share your thoughts and ideas and contribute to fruitful discussions on development, architecture, improved cooperation and winning strategies. You will get the freedom to do the most rewarding work of your life and you will enjoy the recognition, pride and praise for it.

While offering the fun of being a startup, Arkimera Robotics is not one of those startups that creates the marketing deck first and hopes to solve the technology later. On the contrary, the product (and the technology on which it is built) is proven, appreciated by end users and more importantly - cutting edge unique.

We love how AzoraOne makes accountants’ and business owners’ work easier. And we love to develop the technology that makes bookkeeping automation accessible to everyone.

Welcome to join our team!

People we want on board

Back-end developer

We are looking for an analytical, results-driven back-end developer who will work with our team to troubleshoot and improve current back-end applications and processes.

We are looking for you who have experience in developing services in a microservice architecture and knows Microsoft's Azure environment on your five fingers. In addition to your experience, we expect you to be a committed employee with a genuine interest in development and new technology, who shares, spreads enthusiasm and lifts others. You see the importance of writing code with good quality where testability is an important part.

You also have a good ability to express yourself in Swedish and English, both in speech and in writing.The technologies we work with are mainly C#, .NET Framework and MySQL. Our services are operated on Microsoft Azure's cloud platform. We see that you are a master of these tools.

Scope: Full time
Start date: 2022-09-01
Location: Remote
Published: 2022-07-11

Front-end developer

We are looking for a front-end developer (our first!) to join our team. You will be responsible for creating a functional and attractive digital presence for our company, ensuring great user experience for our team, customers and partners. We want you to translate our company values and our customers’ needs into appealing interactive applications.

Since you will be our first front-end developer, you will have a great say in which languages and techniques we will use to build our digital presence.

We expect you to have proven work experience as a front-end developer, in-depth understanding of the entire web development process (design, development and deployment), have an understanding of design principles and layout aesthetics and show excellent interpersonal skills. You also have a good ability to express yourself in Swedish and English, both in speech and writing.

Scope: Full time
Start date: 2022-10-01
Location: Remote
Published: 2022-07-20

Customer Success Manager

If you’re interested in leveraging your expertise as a bookkeeper to build beautiful automation solutions for accounting software companies, accountants and business owners, then this job is for you. We expect you to be a tech-savvy professional bookkeeper, who is curious about new digital technologies and have extensive experience in working with various cloud-based accounting software.

You will be responsible for developing customer relationships that promote retention and loyalty. You will work with both accounting software companies and accounting firms to continuously align goals, ensure that they are satisfied and improve on areas that need attention.

If you:

  • Agree that great customer experience is what builds great companies

  • Enjoy speaking to people and have the empathy to understand customers

  • Are excited to develop loyalty relationships with a growing portfolio of accounting software companies and accounting firms

  • Believe in a proactive, data-led approach to help customers

  • Have a good ability to express yourself in Swedish and English, both in speech and in writing

Go ahead and apply!

Scope: Full time
Start date: 2022-10-01
Location: Remote
Published: 2022-07-20