Sorting of documents

In a typical ERP/accounting software, you will have different sections for handling different types of documents. For example, one user interface for receipts, and one for purchase invoices. The documents can be uploaded/emailed to the software.

By observing the documents, as well as how they have been sorted historically, AzoraOne learns how to automate the sorting of documents in the future. There are currently three categories:

  • Invoices

  • Receipts

  • Other 

The same fundamental design as with base data and categorization data applies for sorting; to make use of the data that is already flowing through your software, to learn from the actions already taking place.

Deeper level of sorting

The resource "receipts" can be used for more than receipts; as financial documents of various types are uploaded to your software, AzoraOne can sort them in to different types of documents. Some examples are receipts, salary documents, tax documents, daily slips from cash machines and so on. The self-learning algorithm can learn company-specific sorting.

Use case

Let us look at the end user perspective: Your customer, say a small business owner using your accounting software has one dedicated email address for "incoming financial documents". To this address she gets invoices, receipts - and for some reason a picture of a cat. As these different files pass AzoraOne's sorting filter, they will be identified as Invoices, receipts and "others".

The categorization will be sent in the response to the accounting software. In the integration of AzoraOne, you have decided that invoices should be pushed to the user interface for purchase invoices, receipts to the user interface for receipts and the picture of the cat - categorized as "other" - will not enter the accounting software at all.

The document sorted as "invoice" or "receipt" will - of course - also be presented with Base Data as well as Categorization extracted and presented in the data-entry-fields of the chosen user interface.

For your end user, a bunch of manual steps have been erased; as her vendor emails an invoice to her - she will just login to the accounting software and find the invoice in the correct user interface - of course with data-entry already performed, in accordance with how AzoraOne has learned it based on historical data-entry.

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