Base data extraction

A key functionality of the AzoraOne API is to extract data from financial documents. We have chosen to separate what we call "base data" from the categorization data. The base data is the type of values that any user would want to automate in the same way, in other ways, use the same values. The categorization can differ on a company level.

The most common examples of base data:

  • Supplier

  • Description

  • Date

  • Due date

  • Invoice number

  • References

  • Total sum

  • VAT/tax

Use case

The typical use case for the base data extraction in the use of the AzoraOne API is when a financial document is uploaded to a data entry software such as an ERP or an accounting software.

Upon building the connection to the AzoraOne API, you will decide when to send particular files (such as a PDF invoice, or a PNG receipt photo) to AzoraOne. Data will be extracted from the file, and sent back in a structured representation format containing values for the different parameters described above. You decide on how to display these values, for example in the user interface for invoices and/or receipts. The result for the end user will be automated data entry, in the blink of an eye.

The representation format will also include the Categorization data, we have separated them from the base data in the features section simply for educational purposes.

AzoraOne Sandbox API is available free of charge. It is a great place to familiarize yourself with functionality before getting access to a dedicated production API.

AzoraOne Sandbox API