One of the quickest ways to test the AzoraOne API is via Postman. With Postman, you can recreate the requests manually by copying the request structure from the API documentation into Postman.

You can also use our predefined AzoraOne Postman collection, which features all requests from the API. You can get the AzoraOne Postman collection below.

AzoraOne Postman Collection

Download Postman

We recommend using the Postman Desktop App for Windows, Mac or Linux below.



If you are using the deprecated Postman Chrome Extension you may encounter issues when trying to replicate the Add a file operation. The extension does not seem to attach the multipart/form-data file to the request correctly. This (confusingly enough) results in a 200 OK response. That response is not generated by our API, it is incorrectly generated by the Postman extension.


Below you will find a guide on how to setup and use the AzoraOne Postman collection.

Import the collection
  1. Right click the button above, click Save link as... and save the file to your computer.

  2. Open Postman. In the top left corner, click File. Then click Import....

  3. Drag the file you previously saved into the window that appeared.

  4. Click Import.

  5. You should now see a collection named AzoraOne API in the Collections-view.

Setup variables
  1. In the Collections-view, click on AzoraOne API.

  2. In the collection menu, click Variables.

  3. Locate your baseUrl, clientKey and subscriptionKey in your API specific documentation on the development portal.

  4. In the column named CURRENT VALUE, replace baseUrl, clientKey and subscriptionKey with your API specific values.

  5. Remember to save the changes. The variables will not be used when sending a request otherwise.

Test a request
  1. In the Collections-view, expand AzoraOne API.

  2. Expand the companies folder.

  3. Click on GET Retreive all companies.

  4. Click the blue Send button.

  5. If you have setup the API correctly you should receive a 200 response from the AzoraOne API.