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Request test API

The first step towards integrating AzoraOne into your software is to gain access to a test version of the API. It´s free, and with no further commitment from your side needed. We accept applicants where we can see a clear business prospect.

Please submit the following information in an email to

  • Your name

  • Company name

  • Your reason for getting a test API

Add team member

If you already have API-access and want to grant a developer or other colleague access, send an email to Please include:

  • Name of this person

  • email address of this person

  • Your company's name

For security reasons, we only accept the adding of new people to a particular API if this request comes from our responsible point of contact. This is typically the person that requested access originally, or a person appointed as such in agreement.

Other inquiries

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AzoraOne is a product developed by Arkimera Robotics.