Get in touch with the Arkimera Robotics team - the people behind the AzoraOne API

Create an account to the AzoraOne Developer Portal

You will need a developer account to obtain the credentials needed to communicate with the AzoraOne APIs. That goes for the AzoraOne Sandbox API as well as for any dedicated production APIs that we may set up for you. Use the Sign up button on the top right in order to create a developer account. If you want a dedicated AzoraOne API, please get in touch as described below.

Request dedicated API

If you are committed to integrating AzoraOne into your software you will need a dedicated Production API.

Please submit the following information in an email to

  • Your name

  • Company name

  • Name of software you are planning on using AzoraOne for

Add team member

If you already have API-access and want to grant a developer or other colleague access, send an email to Please include:

  • Name of this person

  • email address of this person

  • Your company's name

For security reasons, we only accept the adding of new people to a particular API if this request comes from our responsible point of contact. This is typically the person that requested access originally, or a person appointed as such in agreement.

Other inquiries

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Spontaneous job applications - 

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