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As your user upload documents to your software, the algorithms of AzoraOne extract data from them, using accumulated knowledge models from historical data-entry. The result - including company specific categorization of costs - is displayed in the blink of an eye, in the very user interface they are used to - the user interface of your software.

The AzoraOne API is a product specialized for providers of accounting software. Connect to the API and propel your offering into the era of self-learning automation.

Base data

Base data extraction

The algorithm of AzoraOne extracts the important base data (supplier, dates, total sum, VAT, project code and more) from a financial document. You present the data in the UI of your software.

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Company specific categorization

Rapid learning of accounts & knowledge isolated to each company. Ensuring hyper precise categorization of costs - in line with lessons learned from that company.

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Sorting of documents

From basic sorting in invoices and receipts - to highly individualized sorting on a company-preference-level. The self-learning algorithm is capable of understanding highly adaptable sorting.

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Scaling of accumulated knowledge

AzoraOne continuously and autonomously accumulates knowledge models for bookkeeping data entry. By design isolated on a per-company-level - but can be shared between companies. This allows you too build unique functionality for your customers.

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More than 6,000 companies use AzoraOne

Learn more about how the autonomous model-building algorithms of the API transforms their system of data-entry into a system of result.

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Arkimera Robotics, the team behind AzoraOne API

The AzoraOne API is a product created by Arkimera Robotics, a company based in the Nordics consisting of dedicated programmers. We have spent the past six years creating and perfecting the self-learning algorithms of AzoraOne from scratch. For deep technology, the old ways of breaking stuff and moving on just don't cut it - every step in the creation of AzoraOne has been taken with great exactitude.

Our big bet: People want problems solved instantaneously. And they want it where they are at. In the case of accounting data, they do not wish for yet another app, they want a solution embedded in the UI of the accounting software. In your accounting software. This is why we love the role as the background band. The algorithms work quietly and reliably in the background, as the value for the user is presented by you.

AzoraOne is the data-entry-automation API for accounting software vendors aiming for technological leadership

"Awesome! AzoraOne made it possible for us to add a missing link in our accounting software offering: Embedded, real-time automation of data-entry for financial documents. This API delivers where OCR and Machine Learning tools fall short. Thanks to AzoraOne, we now have a market leading AI solution in place, one that craves close to zero maintenance."

Daniel Nilsson, CTO

Hogia Business Products

Hogia is one of Northern Europe's largest software companies. Their products range from transportation and docking technology to ERP & Accounting software. In 2021 they released brand new cloud accounting software "Open Business" targeting SMEs. AzoraOne functionality is standard for all customers working with digital documents in Open Business.

"A very powerful tool for our document needs! By using AzoraOne by Arkimera, we have been able to put very powerful and cost effective services in the hands of our customers. Not only do we get fast and automatic interpretations and classifications of documents, but AzoraOne will also when relevant, provide an evolving context-and-client aware suggestion of call to action (for instance how to file a receipt or supplier invoice given the users history)."

Henry Arousell, CTO

Björn Lundén AB

BL Admin is the go-to-software for accountants on the Swedish market. Henry's team take a leading position breaking ever new ground in AI and self-learning technology. AzoraOne has a natural place in the accounting software, processing hundreds of thousands of receipts and invoices each month.

Curious to explore the AzoraOne API? Access the sandbox and get started right now!

AzoraOne Sandbox API

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